5 Top Features in MS Word

If your profession of projects requires the heavy use of Microsoft Word, then mastering shortcuts and techniques is essential in saving you from the hassle of performing tedious tasks. Conserve the energy and devote your attention to important areas that require more work by practising and using these advanced Microsoft Word Features

  • Comparing Documents

Apart from having the track changes feature option, you can choose to compare between multiple documents easily with MS Word. Locate the review tab on your Microsoft Word workstation and choose the compare option. This will enable you to select between two choices- Compare (2 different document versions) and Combine (all revisions from multiple different authors combined into one single document).

Choose compare so that the dialog box shows > select the relevant documents > click OK so that the changes will be shown.

  • Inserting/adding Line

how to add line in Word

If you want to know how to add line in Word Document, you’ll instead double click the Word Document to open it or else just simply click on the blank document and create a new one.

Click on insert tab on your word document and then go to shapes, you will find a various amount of shapes present there. Click in the straight-line icon and go forward. You will find a straight line on your word document. The line can be straightened long or short as per the users need. Hence a line has been successfully created.

  • Creating Table of Contents

Table of Contents are ideal for situations where the user wants to provide a visual guide for readers by providing associated page numbers, direct links to different headings and more. The best recommended place to insert the table of contents for your Microsoft Word document is at the beginning. Locate the references tab in your workspace and look for the table of contents options to choose from a list of options. Choose and you will be able to select the level numbers you want. You can choose to either show the page numbers options or not before you click OK.

  • Translating Documents

Translate your documents using the Review tab. You will be able to choose the translate choice and display numerous options. You will then be able to select the translation language (from and to) before finalising the translate command. Choose the translate document option so that you can translate the entire document. Microsoft Word will then send your document through the internet and allow it to be translated by Microsoft Translator with your permission. You will then have to copy the translated content manually and save it on another document.

  • Adding Graphics

how to add line in Word

You can insert various different types of graphics into your Microsoft Word documents to break up the monotony of text. Choose the section where you want the graphics to be added to before looking for the Insert tab on your workspace. This will enable you to choose to insert either pictures, shapes or clip art. You will then be able to go a step further by rescaling, colouring, applying quick styles and more! Look under the format tab after inserting your graphics.

These are the 5 advanced Microsoft Word features that every Word user should be learning and using. When successfully mastered, they have the potential to reduce a lot of tediousness and increase the user’s productivity. Refine Word documents for business while decreasing workload today!