All You Need to Know About Automation Anywhere

We all experience automation in our lives every day but fail to notice it. Right from the automatic temperature control of your refrigerator to the sensor-based lights in our colony which go on and off automatically are all examples of daily automation. Basically, automation is a technique or technology that makes devices, processes or systems to operate automatically. This technique of automation involves software called RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that has the capability to imitate a human user.

One such popular RPA vendor is Automation Anywhere. It is a revolutionary technology that integrates many interesting features, including the use of natural languages to automate a process. Automation Anywhere allows the companies using it to automate systems or processes, which were earlier controlled by humans. Here is a complete Automation Anywhere tutorial:

The Internal Architecture: Automation Anywhere provides the RPA, which has three main components:

  1. The Bot Creator: This component allows the developers to create tasks/bots depending on the application. They can be executed either independently or could be merged together as well.
  2. The Control Room: This is the server-based part of Automation Anywhere, which is the main control. It hosts the code to control bots, licenses, analytics and also complete user management.
  3. The Bot Runner: This part of RPA allows you to run the actual bot. You can run either single or multiple bots in parallel and also log back the reports to the control sever.

Types of Bots: Automation Anywhere can be used to automate or create different kinds of tasks or bots. For example, a task bot can be used to automate routine, repetitive processes like IT management, claims etc., which can be done using a rule-based approach. Another type of bot is the Meta bot, which forms the basic building block for many complex automation processes. There are also many advanced bots that help to handle multiple complex processes that are not included in many automation anywhere tutorials.

Advantages: The best part of using Automation Anywhere is that it eases so many time-consuming and repetitive processes, in turn, saving time and money for organizations. It is one of the most intelligent automation solutions for many industries like Finance, IT, HR, Government, healthcare sector and much more. It can play a big role in many routine processes like inventory management, verification of claims, data migration and much more saving a lot of unwanted effort by employees. Being very easy and user-friendly to use, the automation anywhere surely will make huge gains for any organization looking for error-free routine processes.

Automation Anywhere is one of the most popular vendors of RPA that helps save time and increases the processing speed for any organization. Through this Automation Anywhere tutorial, you now know its internal architecture and other features in detail. Being simple and user-friendly, a developer can create many useful bots that can ease many kinds of systems/processes using automation anywhere.