Top Selling Magazines in the World

It is the era of online publications as print publications start to take a back seat. As most people are beginning to prefer online news, print news is slowly fading away. When it comes to magazines, however, there is still some space left in the world for print media. Millions of copies of magazines are circulated every year worldwide. So, if we consider global sales, which are the best magazines in world? Read on to find out.

National Geographic

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Considered to be a global superpower in the magazine’s category, National Geographic has remained on the top of the charts for many years in the ‘best magazines in world’ category. It sells millions of copies worldwide even today. It offers more academically inclined content specifically surrounding nature, science, and history. It is renowned for the best photography and the glossy paper is of high quality. It has been around since 1888 and has surely captured the masse’s attention over the years.

Reader’s Digest

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While most magazines have a specific type of readers, Reader’s Digest has always targeted a much broader audience. It is a general interest and family interest kind of magazine that is loved by everyone in the family. It attracts loyal readership across the globe and is especially popular among wealthy families. This magazine has been alive for over 100 years and is sure to stick around for many more decades to come.

Good Housekeeping
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This monthly publication found its way to the markets back in 1885 and has seen a surge in popularity over the years. It focuses on good, fashion, health, and other women-friendly content. It has also tried differentiating itself from other magazines in the category by offering literary content. Famous writers such as Edwin Markham, Somerset Maugham, and Virginia Woolf are known to have contributed to this publication. It has also been a platform for social advocacy back in the early 20th century.


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This magazine has been attracting more ad revenue than any of its competitors. It has good quality entertaining reads including celebrity gossips and news. It also publishes the ‘sexiest man alive’ and ‘sexiest woman alive’ issues every year, making it one of the bigger attractions. It has its online presence which is starting to gain as much popularity as the print version. 

The New Yorker

It is considered to be today’ gold standard among magazines. It offers both fiction as well as non-fiction and finds an audience among varied readers. It has some complex topics and also very unique interview subjects that make it a preferred option among all magazines. 

Vanity Fair

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Witty writing and surprising in-depth coverage are what makes Vanity Fair still a favorite among readers. It has the capability to take common day-to-day issues and turn them into some creative nonfiction write-up that is worth enjoying.

The list is endless when it comes to the best magazines in world. But, if you are a novice, you can start with the above-mentioned magazines and find your way to good quality print reading in today’s digital age.