Ways to Raise Secure Children

Most parents want their children to learn to be independent and explore the world on their own. Children should be brought out of their comfort zone and be allowed to engage with children of different ages and learn a thing or two about themselves even more.

With that said, here are other ways you can do to help you raise secure children.

Acknowledge and Develop Their Talents

Most people believe that the key to finding oneself is to discover a passion or talent for something. From there, you can easily figure out what you eventually want to do in life and be at peace with yourself. Each one of us has been blessed with talents and special gifts for sure.

Help your child discover his or her talent and then nurture it. Through this, they will develop self-confidence and learning from their mistakes.

Take Time to Listen

Listening is so much more than just asking for an answer to a question. Listening is also encouraging your children to speak and communicate about their life. Use open-ended questions such as asking “What was your day like?” or “What did you learn in school today?”

Get your child to open up so you can gauge what he is really feeling inside. As they get older, children tend to bottle up their true emotions and feelings. They feel hesitant to talk about their problems and worries because they think no one will understand, not even you.

Thus, show them the exact opposite. Be their friend and listen intently. This will help them become emotionally secure because they know that they can freely talk to you about anything under the sun.

Explain Why A Behavior is Wrong

It is inevitable that your child engages in a wrong behavior. In fact, this happens most of the time. So in an attempt to correct a wrongdoing, make sure to explain carefully why it is not acceptable. Avoid yelling or spanking them as much as you can, normalizing these violent reactions will do more harm than good in a child’s emotions and mentality.

The goal here is to not just correct the behavior but also to make the child understand why it is wrong in the first place. So keep your calm and show restrain when put in this situation.

Talk To Teacher and Other Parents 

Talking to other parents about their experiences will go a long way. Also, you can discuss this with their teacher. This way, you can get an insight of how your child behaves in school and around their friends.

Being an emotionally-available parent is a process. Exchange strategies and ideas with other parents because they are most likely going through the exact same thing.